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If you have not heard already, Microsoft just announced a new device called the Surface Studio. It’s essentially a Surface computer for your desktop.

From what I understand, you can go to any Microsoft store today and actually play with one. It’s a big beautiful screen on this slick armature that lets you adjust it from a normal monitor to something more like a drafting table for drawing on.

I get questions about Surface devices and drawing all the time and I am sure this one will be no different. In fact I can already see tweets coming in asking what I think. So If you’re curious what I think about the Surface Studio, you are in luck, because I have been drawing on one for the last week.


Surface Studio


As anyone who reads the site knows, I have been a fan of the Surface for years. It has become my go-to drawing platform when I am traveling or just want to get away from my desk. I’ve also got a great relationship with the folks over on the Surface team. I’ve visited MS a number of times to talk with their engineers about digital drawing and I’ve always felt like they really listen to the feedback I’ve given them. About a year ago they invited me over to show me a brand new device. I ended up in a little tiny room with a sheet covering something on a table in front of me. There was a one way mirror on my left and I was informed that there were people back there watching. I was super curious what it was all about and when they pulled the sheet off I saw the Surface Studio.

I drew on the device for a while and even though it was early, I came away really impressed. We talked for a long time about how it worked and how it should work. They filmed me drawing on it and took all sorts of notes.

Just to be clear, I don’t get paid to do any of this stuff but I enjoy doing it and I like to think I’m helping make the Surface better for artists. I saw it a handful of times after that and each time I got my hands on it I got more and more excited. Finally, last week they asked if I’d be willing to test one for a while and of course I said yes. They delivered it to my house and I set it up in my home office.


Sketch and Write naturally

A smarter display.

Go ahead. Rest your hand while you write as you would with paper and pen. Paint, write, and draw in a natural way when Surface Studio is down in Studio Mode. In that photo, the Surface Studio is in what MS calls Desktop mode.

The computer is packed into that little silver base and the monitor hangs above it on a slim chrome armature. The monitor is really the first thing you notice about the Studio. It’s absolutely gorgeous and only more amazing when you consider the fact that you get to draw on it. Surface Studio is designed with a Zero Gravity Hinge that moves the display weightlessly from an upright angle, down into Studio Mode with one hand.

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By Daniele Zedda • 18 February


By Daniele Zedda • 18 February

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